Great teaching doesn’t always require an extraordinary investment of time and effort.
This workshop aims to provide both new and experienced lecturers with a toolbox of fresh perspectives, strategies and methods for good teaching that are easily implemented into everyday teaching and adapted to their own teaching style.
The focus of the workshop will be on practicing a resource-oriented mindset and on solution-focused communication principles for teaching, grading and mentoring students that help improve a lecturers’ agency in the classroom, build good relationships with students and support their learning processes in constructive, collaborative and mindful ways.
During the workshop there will be time for exchange and questions where participants are welcome to share their own best practices or ask for individual help with particularly difficult situations in the seminar or in office hours.
The work units are distributed among the areas as follows:

  • Consultation, Support & Interaction - 4 work units

  • Methods, Media & Digital - 4 work units

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Learning Objective

After completing this workshop, participants will be able to use small communication techniques and teaching methods to

  • foster constructive and mindful relationships with their students

  • make their supervision and grading of student writing effective and collaborative

  • inquire how students learn and make their teaching more participatory

Course management

Tyll Zybura

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06/09/2023  |  09:00—16:30

Learning field
  • Beraten, Begleiten & Interaktion (BBI) | 4 AE

  • Methoden, Medien & Digitales (MMD) | 4 AE

  • 8 AE

Target group
  • Fachübergreifend

  • Zielgruppenübergreifend

  • Onlineveranstaltung

  • Englisch (English)

  • Universität Leipzig

  • Online-Veranstaltung
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