Sustainability on the move: walk the scope (winter term)

How do you address sustainability in your learning assignments? The kick-off walk invites participants to

  • share their specific contexts of learning assignments,

  • discuss learning-related basics of sustainability (Education for Sustainable Development, ESD),

  • identify an individual agenda of further steps and food for thought to be considered.


A follow-up to the format is planned for the summer term - with the title: Sustainability on the move: walk the talk (summer term)

How do you implement sustainability in your learning assignments? Continuing walks encourage participants to

  • explore and integrate sustainability-related drivers for selected learner settings and target audiences,

  • reflect their experiences and refine viable options through trial-and-error,

  • invite colleagues to join sustainability on the move.


The two events do not explicitly build on each other, so they can also be attended separately.


The work units are distributed among the fields of action as follows:

  • Lehr-/Lernplanung & Curriculmsentwicklung (LLC) – 4 AE


The participants

  • know relevant concepts of sustainability.

  • are acquainted with sustainability-related skills and transformational competences of learning (ESD, Education for Sustainable Development).

  • reflect their teaching practices in ESD perspective.

  • consider ESD-related aspects in designing their learning assignments.

  • apply ESD-related aspects in their learning assignments.

  • share their experiences among peers.


Martin Gerner
Martin Gerner is sustainability manager in science, entrepreneurship and civic engagement. Graduating from Leuphana University Lüneburg he holds an MBA in sustainability management. In the course of his interdisciplinary PhD in international relations Martin Gerner worked on the global dimension of implementing principles of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). Ever since he has been creating and piloting interactive formats of getting in touch with sustainability issues hands-on, including simulation games, service learning and tree-planting events. Martin Gerner currently designs research-oriented learning tracks at Centre for Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching (ZiLL), Technische Universität Dresden. His focal issues comprise sustainability management, transformational design-thinking in simulation games and service learning (praxiSDG) and SoTL-based research. Please feel free to contact him:
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11:00—14:30 Uhr

  • Lehr-/Lernplanung & Curriculumsentwicklung (LLC)

  • 4 AE

  • fachübergreifend

  • zielgruppenübergreifend

  • Präsenzveranstaltung

  • TU Dresden

  • Forstbotanischer Garten Tharandt