In order to support the inclusion of Ukrainian students and visiting scholars in study programs at Saxon universities, we have added three additional activities to our program for the winter semester.

With those additional activities we want to make our contribution to improve the situation for Ukrainian refugees who have found their way into higher education in Saxony. The courses are aimed both at employees of Saxon universities as well as Ukrainian academics in diaspora. All activities are carried out by an experienced university educator from Ukraine, with whom we have collaborated on various projects for displaced university teachers in Ukraine since 2016.

The Ukrainian educational system - teaching and learning at universities


The presentation will provide an overview of the educational system in Ukraine, student access to higher education and the organization of teaching and learning in Ukrainian universities. Participants will develop insights into Ukrainian teaching and learning cultures and academic traditions. The presentation concludes with a Q&A session.

This presentation is suitable for

  • Lecturers in study programs with Ukrainian students;

  • Academics in German-Ukrainian cooperation projects;

  • Staff members supporting Ukrainian visiting scholars.

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Inter- and transcultural aspects of teaching and learning at universities


The workshop focuses on reflection of the collaboration with multicultural teams of students or coworkers. The participants will design and elaborate solutions for appropriate learning and teaching settings and for work contexts. In addition, participants who attended the presentation about the Ukrainian education system can use this workshop to further deepen and strengthen their knowledge about learning and teaching in an inter- and transcultural environment.

The workshop is suitable for

  • Lecturers who work in study programs with international students and/or colleagues;

  • Ukrainian academics teaching and doing research at universities in Saxony;

  • University administrators interacting/working with internationals.

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Basics of teaching and learning at universities


Participants will learn the theoretical basics of learning and teaching at universities as well as the principles of lesson planning and develop strategies that actively involve students in the learning process. In the workshop, the participants experience and reflect on ways and methods to actively engage students in their learning. They will also try out lesson planning tools and develop

practical strategies for their own teaching and implement these.

The workshop is suitable for

  • Ukrainian academics teaching at universities in Saxony or Ukraine.

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